What’s to See?

I live in a quiet neighborhood situated at the top of a windy hill.   To the northeast from my back windows, I have a view of Masanutten Mountain, including Signal Knob.  From the front of the house, I can see Route 11, with mountains in the background.  But on both sides, trees and other houses block perfect views of sunrises and sunsets.

I live in a mid-size  house with my husband and two cats, Tiger and Prissy.  Tiger owns the house but allows the rest of us free access and unlimited use of the property.  In addition to the usual household chores, I enjoy gardening, crafting, reading and “observing”.  We actually live within walking distance of Rite Aid, Food Lion, and downtown Strasburg – that’s “walking distance” if you’re healthy enough to make it back up the hill.

Iti’s nevear borning here.   At various times during the day thee are mothers and/or fathers, grandmothers and nannies pushing strollers, sometimes accompanied by tots on tricycles, and people walking dogs.  In the evenings and when school is not in session, the street is filled with older kids on bicycles and skate boards.   There ae basketball hoops at the end of many drivewas and trampolines in he back yards, so there’s not much “quiet”.

If I tire of the street sceme, I can go to the back yard and watch the wildlife.  In addition to a large variety of birds, there ae squirrels, rabbits, deer and and an occasional bear and fox hanging out near the woods.  Needless to say, the bear is the least popular.  He can destroy a abird feeder in less time than you can say “scat”.  It sadddens the bird lovers to have to put away their bird feeders during the summer season.  And I forgot to mention the cats – several in addition to our two.  The cats enjoy watching the birds and chasing the squirrels.

So who needs TV when you can sit in a rocker on the porch and be entertained by people and nature?  I enjoy my life at the top of the hill.



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  1. February 25, 2013 at 12:57 am

    I enjoyed reading about your view from the hill. Keep up the good work!

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