Pecan Rolls


          I had a real surprise last week while shopping at Martins.  There, on a “day old” rack, was one package of pecan rolls, the kind that the Holmes Bakery man used to deliver to our house when I was young.  They looked so delicious; I could almost smell them through the wrapper.


          Do you know the kind of rolls I’m talking about?  They are soft like dinner rolls, but they are topped with chopped pecans and a sticky, brown sugar, syrupy glaze…  I think the Holmes man came once a week, but it was a real special occasion when Mom bought anything besides bread and biscuits.  The pecan rolls were a real treat.


          Over the years I have bought many pecan rolls; I have baked pecan rolls.  But none tasted the same as the ones the Holmes Bakery man brought.   There was no label on the package, so I’ll have to inquire at Martains the next time I go.


          I wonder how many of you remember the various vendors who visited our homes on a regular basis, bringing all sorts of goodies, from bread and milk (and other dairy products), cleaning supplies, cooking utensils to encyclopedias… 


          Many of the products came in containers that could be re-used (one dairy sold cottage cheese in soup or  cereal bowls;  Jewel Tea Company , Quaker Oats, DUZ (laundry soap) sold whole dishes, but you had to buy many packages to get a complete set;  Now you find the survivors in antique shops.

Not every family owned a car, and almost nobody owned two cars; Mom did not work outside the home and this provided her a means of shopping and learning about new products…  And, don’t forget the Sears Catalog.  The day of its arrival in the mail, there was a mad scramble to see who could look at it first.


          So, Thank You, Martins!  Not only did you satisfy my hunger for genuine pecan rolls, you gave me a wonderful trip down Memory Lane.  Now I must have my coffee and the last pecan roll!



  1. March 10, 2013 at 7:55 pm

    VERY NICE POST, Nancy. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

  2. Patsy Gallaher said,

    March 11, 2013 at 10:31 pm

    How nostalgic…..those were the “good old days”…I don’t really remember door to door delivery…except…the ice man (Black Joe) He came through the village with a horse-drawn wagon with big blocks of ice…Nannie and Daddy Jim got a block for their “ice box” out in the well house…..I don’t remember if we ever bought any…but he would chip some pieces and give them to us…it was hot and they tasted wonderful. Funny what you recall from days gone by

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