SPRING – When a Young Man’s Fancy Turns to Love


The “Last” Snow

The view from the hill today is spectacular.  It started snowing about 2 hours ago and has been coming down steadily ever since.  The ground is totally covered and the trees look like cakes that were frosted while they were still warm. 

Snow Cats

Today is the 24th of March, the month that came in like a lion and was supposed to go out like a lamb.  Well, I guess it does look like a lamb – a nice white wooly fluffy one.  I am ready for Spring!

Prissy, the 18 month old cat is out playing in the snow.  She runs and skids to a stop and crouches and tries to catch the snow flakes before they hit the ground.  When they land, she pounces and tries to dig them up.  I wish I could teach her to build a snow man.  She will certainly look like one when she finally decides to come in.  Tiger on the other hand is showing his age.  He took one look, turned around and found a nice warm chair to curl up in.

All in all, I’m grateful for one more glimpse of a genuine snow scene before the hot scorching days of summer move in.  My favorite poem in school was “Snow Bound” by John Greenleaf Whittier, and this kind of snow makes me feel like i am living in that poem.  I feel very privileged to have this kind of view and be safe in my nice warm house.

Flat Surfaces

What is it about flat surfaces?  I am fully aware of Murphy’s Law that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.  There must be a similar law about flat surfaces – they cannot be left uncovered.  And I’m not talking about dust.  Dust is a given.  I’m talking about papers, pencils, books, purses, loose change, glasses (eye and drinking), mail, etc.

And I’m talking about kitchen tables, hall tables, end tables, coffee tables, dining room tables, counter tops, bookcase tops and shelves, the top of the TV (good reason to get a flat screen), top of the washer and dryer, etc., etc.

I can clean a room until it is spotless and would pass my mother’s inspection, leave the room for 10 minutes and return to find the mail plunked on the hall table.  After sorting through the mail, it appears that all of it could have gone straight to the circular file (translation:  trash can)..  Proceed to the next room and there’s an empty cup on the coffee table.  Anything “plunkable” gets plunked on the nearest flat surface!

.I’m not accusing any other member of the household – exclusively.  I’m as guilty as the next one..  My question is WHY do we do it?  Are we so busy we can’t take the time to figure out where a particular item belongs and put it there?  The next time you need that particular item, you look where it belongs but it’s not there.  Then some wise guy says “Did you look on the table?”.  Of course!

 They now sell magnetic paint and paint that is like a chalk board.  I’m thinking they should develop a paint that would repel anything put on a flat surface – except what belongs there.  Now I guess that would take some intelligent engineering.  How about a built in alarm that sounds when a flat surface is touched?  Or maybe a punishment and reward system?  A 25 cent fine for every item found on a table and a 50 cent reward for everything put in its proper place?  It just bugs me to have to clean off the table so we can eat!  Does it happen in your house? 

 On a positive note, I realize the dining room table got some respect this past week.  After it was polished, I placed a new table cloth and flower arrangement on it and it is still clear of foreign stuff.  A small victory!