A New View

001The view from the hill was quite different recently – actually it was the view on the hill.  Right in my back yard!  It started out a little cloudy and overcast; then the sun popped out, accompanied by a gentle breeze and a chorus of birds.

The bride and groom took their places in front of a backdrop of Leland Cypress trees and a bed of perennials, and looked around nervously at the crowd of two guests.  They were   dressed in West Coast casual, but the bride had all the required accessories:  something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue, and the groom had the ring securely in the pocket of his Bermuda shorts.  She carried a hastily gathered bouquet of fast-fading tulips and daffodils.  They both looked radiant as they exchanged their vows and became husband and wife.

The dogwoods and red buds, lilacs and tulips were fading, and the iris and roses were just ready to burst into bloom – soon but not today.  But LOVE was in the air.

Yes, we had a wedding on the hill.  My step-son, Mike, and his bride, Karen, who live in Reno, Nevada, had come for a visit.  They informed us a couple of weeks earlier that they wanted to get married here during their visit.  We were very happy and excited about this, especially when they asked me, a Certified Lay Minister in my church, to officiate.  What an honor!

Just as I was moving into wedding and party preparation mode, Karen informed me that they wanted a very simple, intimate wedding, with only my husband and myself present.  However, they did not object to a celebration with other family members after the fact.  So I slowed down, ordered a catered meal, invited relatives for refreshments and “an opportunity to visit with Mike and Karen”, got my necessary certification from the Court, baked a small wedding cake and waited anxiously for flowers to bloom.  Some bloomed too early and others too late, but I seemed to be the only one disappointed about that.

It was a  beautiful day, and after the ceremony and picture taking, the caterer and other guests arrived, and the party began.  BLESSINGS to the new couple.  The Hill will never be he same!

Toast 001


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  1. May 29, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Beautiful — just like you.

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