Weeds. a Gardener’s Enemy

How can such a small plot of land produce so many weeds?  And why are they so much healthier than the flowers and vegetables I plant?  I love gardening, but I also prefer to be in control.

I blame Adam!  And his accomplice, Eve!  If they had behaved themselves and not eaten the forbidden fruit, they wouldn’t have been condemned to a life of hard labor, toiling in the garden, etc.

After three years of not being able to enjoy gardening because of physical ailments, I looked forward to this as the year I would conquer the land, grow delicious tomatoes and beautiful flowers.  Not so.

I pruned and fed and mulched the roses, and they bloomed profusely.  But the weeds began to flourish faster than I could pull them.  Of course, they were aided by abundant rains and sunshine, alternately.  I rise early and head for the weed beds, but between the bugs and the humidity, I am soon driven indoors and the weeds continue to thrive.

There’s also a negative physical aspect involved here.  Although my physical condition is much improved, my energy level is not up to par.  I can’t bend over for long periods of time, so I must get on my knees to pull weeds.  That presents another problem – getting back to my feet.  After a half hour of weeding the score is Weeds: 50 – Me 25.  ( or some such ratio). In any event I never get ahead.

I finally got my tomato plants in the ground in June ; they are thriving in spite of the weeds.  When I was pulling weeds at 6 am I discovered that there are several small tomatoes set on.  Hurray!  But experience tells me there will be more weeds tomorrow morning.  Thanks to generous and understanding neighbors, I am surviving on gifts from their garden.

Just like my sports fan friends and family, next year will be my year.  I will discover the secret and conquer the weeds!



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