A Winter View

snow on treesSome love it and some hate it. Maybe it just depends on where you are in Life. If you are young – or just young at heart, it’s a wonderful sight and spells “play”. But if you’re more mature and it interferes with what you want or must do, then it spells “trouble” and it’s a force to be dealt with.

I guess I’m on the “mature” side of “young at heart” because I love to look at it but am annoyed by the inconvenience it causes.

Snow! Undisturbed it is a beautiful sight. Like the frosting on a cake before it is cut – or like the flowing satin of a wedding gown. And what is more peaceful than watching the flakes gracefully falling from the sky, unhurried and seemingly without purpose?
Without purpose? I’m not sure. The landscape becomes transformed when the bare, ugly tree limbs become outlined in soft white, and a long row of drab board fence gets a white cap. Evergreen trees bow under the weight of a new white cape. Whether you’re young at heart or mature, it is a beautiful sight.
And then the rest of the world wakes up and begins to change the landscape again to suit their purposes. Out come the shovels and blowers and trucks with blades as they attempt to restore normalcy. The children build snowmen and snow forts and just make tracks in the snow – because that’s what kids do.Image (2)
One of two things happens next. Either the sun shines brightly and the beautiful snow turns to slush and sometimes creates new problems, or it remains cold and the piled up snow turns grey and ugly from the dirt and exhaust which we create. And the former beauty is forgotten.

Where are you in Life? Are you? Young at heart or Mature? If the wooly worms, squirrels, and deer are any indication of what lies ahead, we may have plenty of opportunity in the coming months to experience the wonder and beauty of SNOW!