It Pays to Start Early

Today it’s not so much a “View” as it is “News”. on Wednesday, April 30, I became a GREAT GRANDMOTHER And not just any great grandmother – but TWO. Yes, TWINS – a boy and a girl. That is doubly exciting for me because so far I have only been presented with BOYS! Five of them. Finally, I can enjoy looking at frilly little dresses and bonnets. Don’t worry, Charlie, I won’t go overboard.

As I was patting myself on the back and thinking of all the joy those five boys have brought me, I realized that at my advanced age of 76, I won’t be able to do a lot of the things I did with the previous generation. I’m not so naive that think we can have over-nights and week-long visits, go sight-seeing and on picnics, to concerts, etc.

My next thought was why is being a GREAT grandparent so special? Perhaps it’s just that four generation families are somewhat of a novelty. I was partially raised by my maternal grandparents and occasionally visited their parents (my great grandparents). But they were “old” and they passed on before I became a teenager.

After pondering all of this, I reached the conclusion that, sadly, if young couples continue the trend of not starting their families until they are nearly 40, they most likely will not ever reach the “great”grandparent status. I think it is sad for the potential great grandparents and sad for the children who will never know them. I want my great grandchildren to remember me – even if it’s only that I sat in a wheel chair and worked on quilts or listened to strange “ancient” music.

So my advice to young couples is not necessarily to get married younger – just don’t put off starting a family too long if you want to experience what I am today by those two little bundles of joy, Brently and Mackenzie.


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