The Cycle of Life

The cycle of life is an amazing thing to consider. Scientists and Engineers have spent years inventing and making machinery work, but long before that, God put living creatures on the Earth. In many instances the Scientist and Engineers have copied God’s creations, or at least the theory that makes them work.

Look at the things that grow on earth. Most of them start with a seed which produces a sprout, and some sort of flower, fruit or vegetable, and sometimes both. then it produces another seed in order to perpetuate itself. Humans and animals are similar in that regard. Warm-blooded animals evolve from a seed planted within the female by the male; in adulthood, the male continues to produce seeds which ae grown and nurtured by the female.

Other animals, such as birds, chickens, fish and snakes produce eggs, but “lay” them outside the body where they are sheltered and nurtured until they “hatch”. In all these instances, the parent animals know instinctively how to nurture their young. Not only did God design them, he gave them the necessary skills and knowledge to take care of their offspring. So far as I know, the Scientists and Engineers have not found a way to perpetuate their products; the manufacturing process must start from scratch.

Some plants reproduce themselves by their root systems, sending out roots that can travel great distances, with sprouts appearing along the way. Birds participate in the propagation of new plants by plucking seeds or berries from a plant in one location and flying to another location to drop them. Squirrels do the same with the nuts and acorns they harvest, and bees and insects use their pollination skills. God planned all of these details before he breathed life into us.

God also provided the food chain for the nourishment and perpetuation of his creations. Most of the offspring of plants are edible by humans and/or animals as are many of the warm-blooded species. Over time, natural causes have destroyed some of God’s creations, while others have succumbed to acts of aggression by other species, sometimes for food and sometimes for other reasons: fear, anger, self-preservation, rivalry, greed and territorial disputes.

I was told that blogging is a form of self-expression. When certain topics come to my mind, I sit down and start writing. I’m not sure where this train of thought came from, except that we have had a very interesting Spring and Summer season, and I marvel at Gods’ creations. Everything seems to be a bit off the usual schedule. How do the birds know when it is time to go South or return North? How do wild rabbits know where to hid their burrows so marauding cats can’t snatch their babies? How do bears know when it’s time to hybernate for the winter?

And what about human babies? Little girls instinctively cuddle baby dolls and stuffed animals, while little boys push anything that has wheels and make the appropriate mechanical sounds.

So, as I sit here at the top of my hill, observing all that goes on around me, I have plenty to occupy my thoughts. I thank God for the ability to see the many colors of spring and summer, the ability to hear the songs of the birds and the chatter of the squirrels, the laughter of the children, the bouncing of their balls on the pavement, the shouts as they race their bicycles and scooters, and the squeals of delight as they run through the sprinklers. They override the annoying sounds of lawn mowers, leaf blowers, rumbling thunder and torrents of rain and other miscellaneous noises. For instance, right now, there is an angry mocking bird sitting on the porch railing sqwaking at Prissy who is trying to take a nap. My guess is they have had a previous unpleasant encounter, and if the provocation continues, the cat will win. And so, the cycle of life continues.


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  1. Elizabeth Mikesell said,

    June 29, 2015 at 9:27 pm

    I wish I had your gift of conveying your thoughts from your mind to the paper. When I pick up a pen and paper the thoughts vanish and I can’t get that train of thought in a reasonable order. Thank goodness you can. Very well written. Thanks for sharing.

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