Eighty is not so bad!

I am still mobile (somewhat); I still have my wits about me;  my general health is good, and I have wonderful memories.  But most important, I still have dreams and goals.

Although I dreaded this particular birthday, I was surprised to wake up this morning, feeling like the same person I’ve been all along.  I have a wonderful family and more friends than I can count.   My blessings are boundless.

My groundhog friend has promised that Spring will be here in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to get started on outdoor projects.  Now that I don’t have to build my own Wishing Well, getting that started will be one of my priorities.  Every time I go out the front door, I l look at the front flower bed and envision my new Wishing Well in the center.  My front lawn will be so spectacular – a real showcase!

While waiting for Spring to arrive, I will attack the indoor projects and resurrect my craft room and sewing room so that I can finally get on with all the projects that are making my head burst.  I finally feel motivated!

My new goal is 90, but I have so many things on my “bucket list”, I’m not sure that will be enough time.  There are family and friends to visit, quilts to make and photographs to organize, and on and on.

So look out, World, this dizzy dame is still on the loose!









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