Apparently I’m not the only one confused by this strange weather. There was evidence in my back yard that our resident black bear had awakened from his slumber and ventured out for a snack. He seemed to stumble over my previous attempt to construct a stone wall at the back of the property because some of the stones were scattered. Also, one of my ornamental concrete rabbits was tipped over, and it appeared he had taken a dip in the pond. Poor thing – I’m sure he was not a happy camper.
This morning I spotted two fat robins hopping through the front lawn looking and listening for worms or bugs beneath the surface. I don’t know about the habits of worms, but I imagine they have gone a little deeper to keep warm.
However, I did see some tulips about three inches above the ground in the front bed. Even if we have more snow, I’m sure they will be able to tolerate it and I can look forward to some color in the front lawn.
As confusing as it seems, we must remember that we haven’t even finished with February. March can be brutal around here, and I can even remember some very cold and strange Aprils.
I am reminded of the Easter when I took my five and two year old children on a train trip to visit my grandparents in West Virginia. We left Union Station on a beautiful sunny Sunday evening. The children were dressed in their very Springy Easter finery and when we arrived in Pittsburg early the next morning, there was 2 inches of snow on the ground. The first thing I had to do was buy sweaters for my children before we caught a bus to travel to West Virginia. So I’ve learned not to trust the calendar that much.
Don’t put away your boots, coats, gloves, and hats just yet. And rearrange your winter wardrobe for a little variety before pulling out the frilly frocks.
I will spend March and April dreaming about Spring and making plans for my gardens. With my new Wishing Well, I must re-design my front flower bed, with my son’s help of course. And if he is still willing, we will move Frog Town to the back yard and replace it with a concrete patio and extended front porch. That should keep us busy for a while.
In the meantime, I hope the black bear has returned to finish his nap and when he reawakens, Spring will have sprung and he can find sufficient vegetation without having to vandalize our bird feeders.


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