A” Mooooooving” Experience

My view was expanded recently when I attended the funeral of a friend. I normally do not like to attend funerals, and especially the actual burial at the cemetery. It is so FINAL. But I decided I owed it to my friend who had lost her husband of many years, to accompany her and her family in this farewell.
The earlier service had been very uplifting and I learned much about this very quiet “gentle”man whom I had admired but had not known very well. He was always quietly in the background, but spoke pleasantly when spoken to.
During the service at the cemetery, as the mourners gathered near the open grave, which was located near a pasture, we were joined by a group of cows on the other side of the fence. They stood reverently at attention throughout the scripture reading, prayers and comments by the pastor. There was no shifting of feet, no swishing of tails, flapping of ears, or movement of heads. They appeared totally absorbed in what was happening. When the flag was removed from the casket and folded for presentation to the family, the cows watched attentively. When the gun salute was fired, they did not flinch, and when Taps was played, they continued to stand with heads slightly bowed. Their quiet, reverence seemed to add a spiritual element to the solemn atmosphere .
When the funeral director dismissed the mourners following the closing prayer, the cows, as a group, quietly turned and walked away.
That is a funeral service I will never forget.